Management Style
and Organization
Our Creative Staff

To stay ahead while responding to market fluctuations requires unusual sensitivity and imagination, not to mention stability during growth. Competitive strength depends, first, on creating attractive products true to the Vendome Yamada brand image. Second is a management style that inspires every team member to involve themselves with the business from a management perspective.

The style that defines a generation is determined by the jewelry chosen by the majority of women in that era. This is why observation of customer behavior in the retail space is so valuable. At Vendome Yamada we gather information on customer preferences to support decision making and product improvement.This Vertical System is part of our direct marketing approach. Developing our own products has given us the competitive strength to grow our business and come out ahead by responding flexibly to changes in fashion tastes and trends over the decades.

To maintain both stability and growth in the fast-changing world of fashion, we also manage by organizing our business into small teams.These teams develop their own plans and find creative ways to achieve their targets. With this approach, each team member has a clear perception of their role and responsibilities thereby motivating them to finish current tasks and face the next challenge with resourcefulness and confidence.

Our various departments engage in frequent dialogue, listening with an open mind to each other’s opinions and always ready to offer assistance. From this is born an atmosphere of collaboration where staff members feel they are all colleagues working together. Our strength is in this management style and organizational methodology which encourage vigorous teamwork built on a firm foundation.

Vertical System is
Strong Product Backbone

Our bi-directional merchandising model, one of our strengths, is the natural result of our Vertical System which runs through all our functions, from planning to sales. This system holds the key to giving Vendome Yamada products their unique appeal.

Maternity and Childcare Programs
Support Women at Work

Vendome Yamada’s workforce has been largely female from the beginning. We also took steps to offer women career paths into upper management. We realized that to make products desirable to women, we needed a workplace where female employees could fully demonstrate their potential.With this goal in mind, we were early to introduce maternity leave and childcare programs. Although Japanese law calls for reduced working hours for the parent until a child reaches age three, we extended the program to the end of the third year of primary school. We are honored to have so many enthusiastic female employees empowered by these programs.

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