Japan’s Most Experienced
and Comprehensive
Licensing Partner

Our multi-brand strategy employs a two-tier architecture comprising our in-house brand family which expresses our Vendome Aoyama DNA, and our licensed brands which express their respective fashion brand personalities. We are convinced that this multi-brand strategy gives us the agility and flexibility to continually offer new designs that comprehensively address ever-changing market trends and opportunities.

Vendome Yamada’s founder had experience as a fashion importer. Leveraging that career and his many connections, his high-end international fashion brand experience led him to start a jewelry licensing business.

A licensing business requires a variety of functional capabilities: marketing ability to grasp market trends and customer preferences; market entry planning ability that gives due consideration to brand recognition and market influence; understanding of the brand itself; and brand management to maintain the brand image in the context of products and markets. Other essential skills and functions include product planning and development, manufacturing management, quality assurance, obtaining retail space, sales operations, and more. In addition, our long and varied business experience gives us a discerning eye to evaluate the potential of both domestic and overseas brands.

As the Japanese jewelry industry’s leading authority on the licensing business, we have a record of building relationships of trust with brand licensors. Vendome Yamada is proud to be the most respected company in the Japanese jewelry licensing market that can deliver comprehensive marketing and creative capabilities. As your business partner, we work relentlessly to optimize performance.

Multi-brand Two-tier
Strategy Drives Business Growth

We launched our multi-brand strategy in the early 1980s with a portfolio of distinctive brands. This strategy has continued to show its value in changing times, supporting our growth over the decades.

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