Fresh Dimensions
in Beauty Born of
Our Distinctive Aesthetic
Vision and Style

Jewelry plays special roles in celebrating life’s precious junctures. It also enriches each day with its luster, adding a sparkle of delight to familiar facets of a woman’s world. This concept has guided our creativity since the time of our founding, as expressed in Vendome Aoyama and throughout the Vendome brand family. From casual everyday jewelry to pieces for special occasions, our full family of in-house brands is a distinctive feature of our business. Indeed, it is precisely because we are able to fully express the aesthetic sensibility and style nurtured by Vendome Yamada, that we enjoy the broad popularity of which we are proud.

In the year 1973 we established Vendome International (today’s Vendome Yamada) inspired by the beauty and esprit we experienced at Place Vendome in Paris. What distinguishes our products, besides core quality, are designs that complement everyday fashion. This signature style grew organically from our corporate culture which freed women designers to create the jewelry they would want for themselves. To keep surprising and pleasing our customers we make a point of exploring new design territory by, for example, collaborating with creators from diverse genres. Staying true to ourselves depends on seeing where bold innovation is of the essence while recognizing which aspects of our heritage are intrinsically valuable and deserve preservation. Our quest for beauty is never ending, as we continue to define new directions in style from a woman’s perspective.

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